SimpleArb – Can It Save You Time and Money?

Have you heard of SimpleArb yet? SimpleArb is the brainchild of Nicol Law lawyers and is an accessible product for today’s legal landscape. SimpleArb can help to settle complex legal disputes within minutes – saving your valuable time and money.

Who can use SimpleArb?

Everybody! From lawyers to laypersons, SimpleArb was developed to be straightforward and easy to use. It’s a web-based tool that allows parties to submit their best offers to see if they can come to a binding agreement before unnecessarily spending time moving their legal case forward.

If the positions entered can’t resolve the matter, no information is exchanged between parties – which gives you the safety and confidence to put your best foot forward to overcome almost any dispute or negotiation!

How does SimpleArb work?

Watch this quick video to see just how easy the process is:

Why should I use SimpleArb instead of a lawyer?

SimpleArb doesn’t replace quality legal advice. SimpleArb provides a quick and easy opportunity to determine if you can settle a matter today, and avoid what can potentially be years of legal headaches. With courts backlogged, and legal services costly, SimpleArb has the potential to save a lot of cost and headache.

By comparing best offers through an encrypted and confidential process, SimpleArb provides users with a simple and easy “test” to determine whether it’s worth spending (or continuing to spend) the time and money to litigate. Parties put their best offer forward at the beginning, middle, or even near the end of litigation to see if there’s the possibility to resolve a difference today. If there’s a match – great! You’ve just saved yourself time, money, and risk.

Regardless of what stage you’re at, you can always use your legal counsel to help you understand your situation and develop your best offer!

I’m a lawyer – why should I recommend SimpleArb to my clients?

SimpleArb is a great solution for law firms to enhance their client service while potentially solving their client’s cases – think of it as another tool in the lawyer’s toolbox for great service! At a low cost, you can “test” the case through SimpleArb to see if there’s any merit to your client (and therefore your firm) proceeding with litigation.

We suggest using SimpleArb as a selling feature to clients – if this doesn’t succeed, we’re here to help guide this through to fruition, but if it does succeed – even better, and you can be there to talk about enforcing the binding agreement.

SimpleArb builds trust between parties by providing a safe and effective manner to compare bottom lines without exposing strategic information. SimpleArb builds trust with your client by demonstrating your resolve to solve the problems they face.

I’d like to learn more – who do I contact?

If you have further questions, check out SimpleArb’s FAQs, or contact us for a demo!

The above does not constitute legal advice. To obtain legal advice on your matter please contact Nicol Law at or +1 587-887-5876.