Nicol Law specializes in navigating the complex world of corporate and commercial matters and has significant experience in corporate and intellectual property agreements, employment issues, insurance coverage and claims, and litigious disputes.

Our commitment to excellence extends to every facet of our practice and we pride ourselves on delivering personalized and strategic solutions to meet your unique challenges.

Intellectual Property

  • Advised technology companies on intellectual property rights.
  • Drafted license and sub-license agreements in the power market, including for high-value oilfield technology.
  • Advised video game companies on royalty rights.

Commercial & Securities

  • Advised energy companies on pipeline use rights.
  • Advised energy companies on commercial rights under third party agreements prior to acquisitions.
  • Advised a brewery on existing liabilities.
  • Acted for investment corporations in response to an Alberta Securities Commission investigations and investor complaints.
  • Acted for a multinational energy companies in disputes over plant fees and revenues.
  • Acted for a oil sands companies in connection with a failure of significant extraction assets.
  • Acted for franchisors in commercial lease disputes.
  • Acted for creditors in Company Creditor Arrangement Act Proceedings.

Sports and Entertainment

  • Acted for a prospective purchaser of a junior league sports team.


  • Acted for an institutional bank in connection with demands against credit.
  • Acted for a startups in connection with venture financing.
  • Acted for a public companies in connection with preferred share financing.


  • Acted for employees in constructive dismissal claims.
  • Acted for an employees in workplace injury claims.
  • Advised employees including senior management on severance packages.
  • Acted for engineers and other professionals in regards to professional allegations.
  • Acted for an employers in connection with human rights and employment standards complaints.


  • Acted for individual taxpayers in disputes regarding preferential tax treatment.
  • Obtained a rectification order for a large publicly traded company related to its conversion to and from an income trust.


  • Acted as coverage counsel for publicly traded companies in connection with foreign securities law.
  • Acted as coverage counsel for liability insurers in a failure events.
  • Acted as coverage counsel for banks in connection with investor claims.
  • Acted for insurers in subrogated claims, including in a mining and equipment context.
  • Acted in connection with an umpire process under the Insurance Act.


  • Acted for multinational companies in defense of negligence allegations in international construction projects.
  • Acted for condominium corporations in disputes with builders and trades regarding mechanical and structural defects.
  • Acted for condominium unit owners in disputes with condominiums over oppression, including through improper renovations.
  • Acted for construction companies in contractual and lien disputes, including pursuant to the Prompt Payment and Construction Lien Act.


  • Acted for transportation and logistics companies to recover unpaid fees.
  • Represented clients in international debt collection activities.