Legal matters can be complex and stressful. Our goal is to reduce the added financial concerns by providing exceptional service at fair, reasonable, and competitive prices.

By providing transparent prices and offerings we hope to build trust with our clients, encourage ourselves to constantly evaluate and embrace the competitive market, and nudge our industry to do the same.

Legal Advice

Hourly Fees

Many of our files are at an hourly rate where you are charged based on the amount of time it takes to do the work. Our current hourly rates are:

RoleYears PracticingHourly Rate
Senior Lawyer9 +$500
Mid-Level Lawyer4 – 8$300
Junior Lawyer0 – 3$275
* Fees are exclusive of GST and disbursements and may be updated from time to time.
Fixed Fees

These fees are representative of our standard pricing based on typical scenarios and are dependent on our agreement to take on your matter. Our fixed fees include:

Employment Review
Assessment of a severance offer, new employment offer, or other employment situation using our online data collection tools.
Employment / Contractor Agreement
A standard agreement for your employee relationships including effective assignment of intellectual property.
Incorporation w Unanimous Shareholders Agreement$3000
Incorporation w Unanimous Shareholders Agreement and Share Purchase Agreement $4500
Corporate Minute Book$350
Corporate Annual Filings$450
Commissioning / Notarizing$50
* Fees are exclusive of GST and disbursements and may be updated from time to time.
Novel Fee Models

We are always exploring ways to make legal services more accessible for our clients and may be able to offer a novel way to structure our compensation. These include:

Quoted Fixed Fees
A set price for a particular matter or a particular step in that matter
Blended Contingency Fee
A reduction to our hourly rates for a portion of potential recovery
A recurring monthly fee that covers all steps that arise as they arise
More Information

Detailed information on our current hourly rates and fixed fee offerings can be found at:

Our standard retainer and terms can be found at:

Our fees are dependent on availability, clearance of conflicts, and our agreement to take on your matter. Disbursements such as court fees, photocopies, and courier charges, which we endeavor to keep low, are extra.

Our fees may be updated from time to time – please check with us before starting new mandates.


Starting his career working closely with the court and drawing from his experience as a seasoned litigator, Scott Nicol offers arbitration services through Nicol Law.

Please contact us if you are interested in Scott acting as an independent arbitrator for your dispute. We offer both flat fee or hourly billing options.